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BlizzCon 2017 Band Predictions

It’s officially October 1st which means we are 1 month away from BlizzCon. If you are a fan of Blizzard Entertainment’s games and attend their yearly gaming conference, you know just how exciting it gets to figure out who the closing band will be. I have a list I personally made on whom I think will be our closing band. Let’s hope it’s someone amazing because i’m SO ready for this. BlizzCon is known to book some of the biggest and baddest names to their show, from Ozzy Osbourne to Foo Fighters, so they kinda have a big plate to fill and impress each year. I went through a ridiculously long list of bands that were touring this year and some, well, I just really wanted to see and didn’t care if it was at BlizzCon. I’m listing as well some bands that really wouldn’t make sense in this particular atmosphere but you never know, Blizzard may go a completely different way than normal.

System of a Down - They just finished their tour, they have NO dates and I think they fit perfectly well.

RHCP - Their ending their tour date with Babymetal in Arizona on October 18th so all they have to do is relax for 16 days in LA and BAM do a show with BlizzCon, it’s that easy. I mean if you are going to top Foo Fighters it’s gotta be with them am I right or am I right.

Five Finger Death Punch - Their last show in the US is on October 22nd in Sacramento California till they start the European tour on November 9th in Moscow. I think it could totally be doable. Take a 12 days break, knock a show at BlizzCon and then fly out to Moscow after. Completely doable.

Avenged Sevenfold - I’m not sure how fans would like this one but their hype is up to par with the theme. Their last tour show ends on October 15th in Houston so they have room the play with.

So here me out, these following 4 bands are touring with a couple other ones and I feel like ONE of these 4 are my strongest predictions. Because they are all together and their schedule states that their last KNOWN date is September 30th in St. Louis and that they WILL be in Los Angeles on some mystery unmarked dates makes it very mysterious to me. They’ll be in LA around the same time but they can’t tell us where? Hmmmmm. The following 4 bands are:



The Offspring


Mastason - Last show was on May 20th in Austin Texas so they have time to do one last hoo ha. The fans have been wanting this as well.

A Perfect Circle - Last tour date was on May 7th in Los Angeles. I’m not sure if they are BlizzCon hype material but I really love their music.

Queensrÿche - Fans REALLY want this to happen, I’m not sure about it. They are playing in Mexico on November 2nd and then continuing the next show in Michigan on November 11th. It could be doable flying out that night to LA and doing another tour but thats pushing it.

Tool - No dates were announced, this was a huge one I personally have just been dying to see but I know the music is probably not one attendees would enjoy.

Trent - His last show will be October 21st in Sacramento so it’s TOTALLY doable. Can you just imagine. I mean I can because i’m a huge NIN fan sooo…..

Panic at the Disco - I don’t get this one but some have claimed its a high possibility. They have no tour dates scheduled so ehhh….

Weezer - I think MAYBE they could pull it off but its a big risk. They have a show in London on October 28th and then won’t be performing again on December 2nd in Ft. Lauderdale so It’s definitely doable, they’ll be in the states just in time and it works with the flow.

U2 - I won’t hold my breath, they just finished a tour in Brussels in August, and it’s U2. I don’t think they are BlizzCon material but stranger things have happened.

The following I have confirmed will be performing at another venue, in another state, on the same dates, boo.

Marilyn Manson


Rob Zombie

Circa Survive


Green Day

So who do YOU think will be our next band for BlizzCon? Do you think one of my predictions made it or do you think there is another contender I have yet to think about? Let me know in the comments.

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