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September 2015 Loot Crate Review: SUMMON!

Loot Crate is a monthly geek and gamer swag subscription box. Each month they send 6 to 8 handpicked items for $13.37 plus $6 shipping and handling. Each box are guaranteed to have a value of $30 or more. The box is shipped via USPS Priority Mail and most times arrive in about 2 days which is very awesome. The theme for September is Summon. You'll find items from Pokemon, Blizzard and The Simpsons. Heres what i received from Loot Crate this month:

Pokemon Laplander Hat: This hat is super comfy and super cute. It does actually keep my head warm and you betcha I will be wearing it soon as it starts getting freezing outside. Estimated retail cost for the hat is $20.

Hearthstone Foam Stress Ball: This was one of the two secret surprises that Blizzard was going to include in our Loot Crates. You can always use a stress ball and I like the Hearthstone symbol. Estimated retail cost for the stress ball is $8.

Homer Simpson Golden Buddha: This was too awesome. I love KidRobot and had seen this Homer statue as a GIGANTIC one in their store and wanted it but i'll settle for the small one. Estimated retail cost for the statue is $7.

EXCLUSIVE Supernatural 1967 Chevy Impala: Meeeeeeeeehhhh. I super hate Supernatural and I don't understand the car thing. I used to collect cars but then gave them all away when they were a faze. So not too excited about it. Estimated retail cost for the car is $10.

Hearthstone Collectible Coin and Card Pack Code: I remember getting these in our Blizcon bags last year. My husband loved these since he plays all the time, I havent really dived in since card games sortof confuse me, but the game looks awesome. This is a cool piece to put on the shelf with the other Blizzard items. Estimated retail cost for the card is $6.

Summon Mobile Game: A new game Loot Crate put together that includes cards and use the Loot Crate box.

Themed Button: Button Swag, at least they decided to keep this in for the collection.

Loot Crate Unboxing Guide: Every Loot Crate comes with a booklet that explains every item in the box and where it comes from.

Themed Box: The box is designed with what looks like a gotham building. You can place the Batman figure inside of it.​​

What did you think of this months Loot Crate? Sign up now so you can get a box next month. You can try the service for as long as you like - a month, two months, etc. Use this discount code ICEFLOW for 10% off. Loot Crate currently ships to US, Canada, UK and Australia HAPPY UNBOXING!

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