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June 2015 Loot Crate Review: CYBER!

Loot Crate is a monthly geek and gamer swag subscription box. Each month they send 6 to 8 handpicked items for $13.37 plus $6 shipping and handling. Each box are guaranteed to have a value of $30 or more. The box is shipped via USPS Priority Mail and most times arrive in about 2 days which is very awesome.

The theme for June is Cyber. You'll find items from Terminator, Transformers, and Battlestar Galactica. Heres what i received from Loot Crate this month:

EXCLUSIVE Prime T-shirt: Seems like we have been getting quite a lot of Transformer themed shirts lately. This one isn’t such a bad one but I think they had so many options to choose from out there. Estimated retail cost for the shirt is $15.

EXCLUSIVE Terminator Genisys Endo Skull Replica: This was actually really awesome and my favorite piece from this months box. Its completely hollow but it looks so awesome on the shelf that I don’t care. It also looks like its made out of real metal. Estimated retail cost for the skull is $20.

EXCLUSIVE Borderlands Zer0 game Mat: I am actually currently using it. It looks pretty cool and its massive, which I like. I’ve never played the game but I did appreciate the fact that I could upgrade the mat with something game-y. Estimated retail cost for the mat is $8.

Future Replicant Corporate Logo Patch: Unless you know where this is from its a weird item to include. I had zero idea this was from Bladerunner, yes, I have seen the movie but that was a loooong time ago and I wasn’t going to get that reference right away. Estimated retail cost for the patch is $5.

Battlestar Galactica Cyclon Target Poster Set: If you are a huge Battlestar fan then this is rather cool. They give you an awesome idea to practice shooting with a Nerf gun. Maybe I should pick myself up one. Estimated retail cost for the poster set are $5.

EXCLUSIVE Glow-in-the-dark Circuit Gadget Pouch: Okay, I am going to be honest here and just admit that this was just lame. Its a cheap .25 cent item that belongs with back to school supplies. Unless you are in school, I feel as tho this was rather useless. But hey, if you got a kid out there, this would be a great item to give em. Estimated retail cost for the pouch is $4.

EXCLUSIVE Terminator Genisys Brain Chip Keychain: It doesn’t REALLY look like a brain chip to me. More like a chocolate bar. This keychain is also really REALLY heavy, will have to avoid placing it with the others. Estimated retail cost for the keychain is $10.

EXCLUSIVE Nerd HQ Sticker Sheet: What exactly is Nerd HQ? Estimated retail cost for the stickers are $2.

Themed Button: Button Swag, at least they decided to keep this in for the collection.

Loot Crate Unboxing Guide: Every Loot Crate comes with a booklet that explains every item in the box and where it comes from.

Themed Box: The box is designed with awesome Terminator bots, your replica head you received would look good placed in front of it.

What did you think of this months Loot Crate? Sign up now so you can get a box next month. You can try the service for as long as you like - a month, two months, etc. Use this discount code ICEFLOW for 10% off. Loot Crate currently ships to US, Canada, UK and Australia HAPPY UNBOXING!

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