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Free Comic Book Day

Each year every comic book store hosts free comic book day where they let you choose 3-5 preview comics and take home for free.

I say preview because its not really a whole comic book, its more of snippits from one of the issues. But it's still pretty neat to get some examples of different categories to see which ones I will end up buying.

It's also really nice to actually buy some of your local stores merchandise to help you out.

So I snabbed 3 free comic books as well as my husband for me and also purchased a few comics that i've been keeping my eye on.

These were the 6 free comics that they had available for this year. I'm really excited about Fight Club 2 which is actually now avaialable for pre-order (squeals).

These 4 were the ones I purchased. I'm very excted about the new Batgirl, i've been follow Babs Tarr's work for years now so when she was announced as a partner I got really excited. Whats your thoughts on the new costume look?

They also have people who come dress up and entertain us all while we wait in line. Depending on your local comic shop you may have more or less activities going on.

This was the last year the Batmobile would be making an appearence so I made it a priority to get my yearly picture with it.

Something sorta feels Slimy behind me......

How did your Free Comic Book Day turn out?

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