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March 2015 Loot Crate Review: COVERT!

Loot Crate is a monthly geek and gamer swag subscription box. Each month they send 6 to 8 handpicked items for $13.37 plus $6 shipping and handling. Each box are guaranteed to have a value of $30 or more. The box is shipped via USPS Priority Mail and most times arrive in about 2 days which is very awesome.

The theme for March is Covert. You'll find items from Orphan, James Bond, and other agent items. Heres what i received from Loot Crate this month:

EXCLUSIVE Bond Shirt: Ok so this shirt a a bit on the cute side, I have to admit I like it. The character sort of looks like a Funko Pop. The artist who created the print is J Salvador. If you take a look at his other work he draws characters in the same style. He is very known for his prints so just to be able to have it on a shirt is quite nice. You can find more of his work at Estimated retail cost for the shirt is $20 and thats by matching it with his other shirt prints he has for sale on Etsy.

EXCLUSIVE Field Agent Blink Time Wrist Watch: The watch is not bad, altho it reminds me of the kinds that I purchase from ebay for $1. They have a very cheap feeling to it and it looks like it as well. Its not entirely bad since it does what it should, tell time. I can see this lasting for maybe 2 weeks and then being retired. Estimated retail cost for the watch is $8.

EXCLUSIVE Orphan Black Comic Book: Another show I need to catch up on, I think its pretty cool they are making comics from the series this one is a cover variant of the first issue. Lets hope these are good. Estimated retail cost for the comic is $8.

Spy Mad Libs: I remember doing Mad Libs all the time when I was younger, but that was before technology and more interesting things replaced it. I can see someone with kids getting some use out of this, perhaps if you are on a flight or train and need to pass up the time its a good way to keep them occupied. Estimated retail cost for the item is $4.

EXCLUSIVE Replica Agents of Shield Lanyard: So I have to admit, I have yet to watch any episodes of this show so I really wasn’t understand the point of it. I can see someone who is really into the show would love it, if it were something from Hannibal I would be ecstatic. Not really sure what to do with a lanyard tho, we just have so many hanging around somewhere. What they should have done was make these so they open up a secret room at Universal or whoever owns rights just for those who have it. Estimated retail cost for the lanyard is $10.

EXCLUSIVE Paracord Survival Bracelet: I’m officially that guy who had zero idea what the purpose of this bracelet was for. It didn’t dawn on me till recently when I went back to look at the instruction paper that came with it. Apparently it really is for survival and you can use it to help aid you. Here I thought it was just another string band. Estimated retail cost for the bracelet is $6.

EXCLUSIVE Special Agent Dossier Notebook 2-pack: I mean, i’m not gunna lie, its sorta boring. I can grab a ton of notebooks that are bigger at the dollar store so I wasn’t quite thrilled to see this as one of the items. Estimated retail cost for the cards are $2.

Themed Button: Button Swag, at least they decided to keep this in for the collection.

Loot Crate Unboxing Guide: Every Loot Crate comes with a booklet that explains every item in the box and where it comes from.

Themed Box: The box is designed to be a laptop so you can feel extra special agenty.

What did you think of this months Loot Crate? Sign up now so you can get a box next month. You can try the service for as long as you like - a month, two months, etc. Use this discount code ICEFLOW for 10% off. Loot Crate currently ships to US, Canada, UK and Australia HAPPY UNBOXING!

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