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Doctor Who NEW Funko POP Vinyl Figures!!!!

I couldn't help myself and had to buy these three new Funko POP! figures from Entertainment Earth's new Doctor Who line up. They also came out with the 4th Doctor as well as a Weeping Angel, Tardis and Dalek. I'm sure i'm missing a few of them but those were the main ones i've been eyeing for my collection.

I realized soon after I purchased and started writing this post they took them down due to an overwhelming response to the pre-orders. There is no indication as to when they will be back up so just keep an eye out for them in the future. I'm sure you can find them in other retail shops online so if you see it, snab it!

In the meantime you can check out some other Doctor Who items in the Entertainment Earth store, click the image below:

***Note, the link above does contains an affiliate link***

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