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Nerd Block June 2014's Unboxing

Nerd Block is a monthly geek and gamer swag mystery subscription service. Each month they send you a box containing 4-6 geeky items for just $20 plus shipping so it comes to a total of $30 depending on your location. The box is shipped via USPS from Canada Post and usually sent out around the 15th of every month.

This box was sent to my Husband for review, it was our first ever Nerd Block (we usually just get Loot Crate). After opening and seeing whats inside i can definitely say this box is WORTH IT. To me i honestly believe you are getting your moneys worth. Below are the items that were sent to us and you can compare the two yourself.

First up is a Ghostbusters shirt titled "Who You Gonna Call?" The shirt features the very adorable Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Shirt retails to about $12

Second we get another shirt included in our box this month which is such an awesome bonus. The shirt is titled The Iron Sentinel and is a mash-up of The Iron Giant animated movie and X-Men. The Iron Giant got replaced with Sentinel and instead of Hogarth Hughes underneath him it is Wolverine instead.

Shirt retails to about $12

We get one of those awesome mystery box vinyl figures for Doctor Who. I was hoping to get 10 but the Tardis was just as awesome to get as well. Now we have a baby Tardis to match the huge one we have on our shelf.

You can buy these online or at your local Hot Topic store retailed for around $9

A Mario Kart Racer figurine was included in the box which is super snazzy because we just bought ourselves a Wii-U, we got Luigi and as much as i was hoping he would come with that death stare impression he didn't, but he's still awesome and so he will be placed right next to the system anyways. If you want to collect the entire series there is Mario, Toad, Luigi, Donkey Kong and Yoshi.

Retail value is around $5

Last big ticket item is a Nerd Block Pin Art Game. At first i was like what the heck is this thing but then remembered once upon a time ago these were THE RAGE. I used to entertain myself for hours with these things. You can make shapes by pushing the pins through with your hands or pretty much any item that fits. Not sure if i would pick this up and play with it again but you never know when my ADD calls for it.

Retail for this would be estimated around $8

And a Minecraft sticker... because you can never have too many of these.

If you are interested in Nerd Block they have several different ones to choose from, all with different costs:

Nerd Block Classic: $19.99 plus shipping and handling $9.50

Nerd Block Jr. Boys ages 6-11: $13.99 plus shipping and handling

Nerd Block Jr. Girls ages 6-11: $13.99 plus shipping and handling

(NEW!) Horror Block $19.99 plus shipping and handling $9.50 > NOTE: This box ships 25th/month

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