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May 2014 Loot Crate Review: Adventure!

Loot Crate is a monthly geek and gamer swag subscription box. Each month they send 6 to 8 handpicked items for $13.37 plus $6 shipping and handling. Each box are guaranteed to have a value of $30 or more. The box is shipped via USPS Priority Mail and most times arrive in about 2 days which is very awesome.

So when you first open the package my first thought was "HEY! Where did the booklet go?" Since Loot Crate sends this box to my us for free to review we do not get the normal subscription emails that they send to everyone else. If you do get the emails then you would have read that this month they are trying to go a little bit greener and make the entire booklet available online. This is kinda awesome because of the whole saving greens bit. The other half of me was rather bummed because i kinda liked collecting those booklets just like the pins. You can check out the booklet here.

The theme for May is Adventure. You'll find items from Adventure Time, Minecraft and Zelda. Heres what i received from Loot Crate this month:

Describing The Legend: FINALLY we are back to getting shirts. This was always one of the main things i loved about the crates because shirts are expensive and so far i have fell in love with all of the ones they offered. They stated for this theme that it was a Looter Exclusive Edition. The artist is Zen Monkey Studios, he has been around for quite sometime and if you are familiar with his work then you would know just how amazing they all are. Most of his shirts have the same word/image theme going on which is fantastic. My favorite one is his TMNT word shirt, this is definitely my second favorite from him. The material of the shirt is amazing, its almost like the thin American Apparel, it feels very nice. You are already getting your moneys worth since this shirt alone retails for $20.

ZenMonkeyStudio Facebook:

ZenMonkeyStudio Purchase Shirt:

Adventure Time Tins: This was absolutely awesome. I really enjoy tins and these came with a special surprise toy inside of them. I have yet to see the show but i was a tiny bit familiar with who the characters are. The tin itself is a good size, not sure what i will put inside of it but it sure will get some use out of it. The tiny toy inside was cute as well and will go nice with the rest of our collection. The tin collection retails for about $7.

Minecraft Hanger: This came in one of those surprise bags you can pick up in stores. We got the creeper which is exactly the one i wanted anyways so yay! This retails in stores for about $6.

Dangerous To Go Alone Opener: Well i don't drink beer or soda that requires a bottle opener but it is pretty snazzy and it does have one of the best lines ever from one of the most awesome games ever so i guess it can hang on my keychain along with my Lego characters. Since this keychain is made from their labs normal keychains retail for about $3.

The Friend Zone Soundtrack: I found it rather odd they would include a cd since this is now 2014 and none of our technology really plays CDs anymore. I think it would have been much neater if they gave us a tiny flash drive maybe in the shape of links sword with the soundtrack on it. I feel like it was kinda the cheap way of going about things, like i went to a concert and these are the kind of thing you find thrown all over the floor because...well its cheap. Now if you are YouTube savy then you would know this came from Polaris, a show on YouTube where a bunch of friends talk about geeky stuff. I would probably say this item would be about $0.

Sticker Set and Tats: I for one did not know what any of these were about... until i saw Maker Studios at the bottom of one of them and kinda put 2 and 2 together. We have stickers from Captain Sparkles, Polaris, and others from YouTube. All big top gaming geeky YouTubers to enjoy.

Themed Button: Button Swag, at least they decided to keep this in for the collection.

So the full cost after calculating most of the items it came to about $36. The shirt alone was $20 and thats the entire cost of the box, the rest of the items were like a little cute bonus added onto.

What did you think of this months Loot Crate? Sign up now so you can get a box next month. You can try the service for as long as you like - a month, two months, etc. Use this discount code ICEFLOW for 10% off.

Loot Crate currently ships to US, Canada, UK and Australia


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