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5 Toxic Personalities You Should Avoid

An article i had overcome across online which describes the kind of people you associate with in your daily life, whether its a friend, coworker, or even family member, explains to you how hazardous they really are in your life, and how its ok to not have to put up with their actions. I've grown up with alot of these kind of traits among people i have come to know over the years, and often throughout the times i would become frustrated and angry and so on forth to the point where it would drive me up the wall with anger towards the person. I felt as tho i was being to judgmental or to blocked off towards them, like i was not giving them a chance enough, but the more i calmed down and gave them chances over and over again it became clear that my feelings towards that individual wouldn't change. So what did i do, i shut them out, i drop them as a friend, and so on forth, to the point where i just felt as if i didn't need them anymore and i began to question and punish myself over and over and think, "wow what a shitty person i must be." I didn't know if mabey the person that was wrong this whole time, was in fact...myself.

After finishing reading this article a warm, calm sense of relief overflowed me because i realized, "Hey, its ok, it's not your fault." Too many of these harmful people overtook my days, my time, my sanity, i was angry all the time, i snapped at those who didn't do anything, i was frustrated with myself way too often, i shut myself out from the world because i just didn't want to deal with other people. I began to think through alot of those i had tended to associate with and noticed a chain amongst them all. Some "friends" whom would be known as the "Mr. or Ms. Me Me Me" were often yapping in my ear 24/7 making me listen to THEM all the time, and how THEIR day went, or whatever drama was happening around them at the time. It was never a 2 sided friendship, i never got a "how was your day?" or "let's talk about your feelings" type of thing, it felt as if i was just being used as a ear trash rather then a friend. And clearly i was.

So now after reading the article i look at myself and pat myself on the back and say, good job, you did whats best, and now look at things in a different perspective. I don't think anyone should have to put up with being in an environment their not comfortable or satisfied in. If you think you know someone who an attitude like those, i would have to say, take a double look at them, do you REALLY think they care about you or anything about you, do you REALLY think you'll be losing out on something if you just toss them out. The answer for that i bet would be a no.

5 Toxic Personalties You Should Avoid

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